5G en ville et virus

Corona-thingy : what if we thought differently 2.0

In my previous article, “Coronavirus and artemisia annua”, I was explaining how a virus is created, and how we can defeat coronavirus.

Ignorance and Knowledge

I’d like to expand this research, by suggesting other food for thought and understandings about viruses.

One of the things that struck me the most during the month when it was pretty much all about coronavirus in France, is the almost complete powerlessness of the health professionals, who do not seem to know what a virus is, nor how the immune system works (hence my two previous articles on the subject, with coronavirus and the artemisia annua and the one entitled “Diseases and the immune system”).

It is true that there are elements of understanding that remain “concealed’ for the man in the street, but also for the majority of the scientists in healthcare…

As I have already mentioned it, the current scientists do not know the occult functioning of the human being (hence their failure to understand the immune system, for instance).

This is due to the fact that they are ignorant of the invisible dimension of the universe surrounding us. We live in a 21-dimension solar system, and the scientists only know the three densest dimensions!

Moreover, they work with infra-natural or infra-material forces that they do not control, and the source of which they do not even know. For instance, many of them will tell you that quantum mechanics is the study of the infinitely small of matter… but, this is a false assumption!

The matter that constitutes our world has three dimensions. However, the particles of the quantum world are dimensionless! So they do not belong to our world, but to a world that is located “beneath our feet”, or in the infra-matter, in a world denser than ours, where the energies composing it are dangerous for the human being. As for the beings that live in this infra-human world, they are powerful and very intelligent, and much more evolved than human beings! And these beings manipulate scientists, without their noticing…

Only a small minority of scientists is currently aware of it (such as those we mention in our other articles, and whose videos you can watch).

Why mentioning this quantum world that is “underneath”?

It is good to know that in the Eleusinian Mystery School, in ancient Greece, the candidate for Initiation would live a trial where he found himself “in hell”, and had to face a powerful and negative energy, which was known as a fallen light: it is what we today call electricity!

Electricity, electromagnetic energies (wi-fi, smartphones, 5G, etc.) and nuclear energy constitute the layers of this world, which all the ancient civilizations knew and called “the underworld”, and which we can today call quantum.

And, these energies that are beneath us, that is, heavier or denser than us, are very dangerous for the human being!

Electricity, the less aggressive of them, is already dangerous: all you need is putting two fingers in an electrical socket to realize that. But, electromagnetic energies are way more dangerous!

Let’s see now how the whole thing works

For a few decades, human beings have been incited to no longer think for themselves (“the media think like me!”). They receive billions of influences coming from the mass-media to think a certain way, that is to say “like everyone”!

But, what’s worse is that human beings are incited to constantly desire something new, without being able to reach it most of the time. Moreover, they live in a world of competition, where they must “crush” others in order to succeed.

This whole system, which we call the matrix, pushes people into acting fast, endlessly chasing after another desire, and spending their time denigrating and adversely criticizing others to take their place.

We have seen how in recent years the Internet has become the garbage of mankind: everyone takes it out on the Internet, expresses adverse criticism, or even debases others, constantly trying to discredit them so as to steal their place, etc.

We’re getting to the point that billions of negative thoughts constantly circulate among people! And it is not because they are invisible that they do not exist: this is where we realize how fragile, naïve and ignorant we are, because of our ultra-materialistic way of life!

This is the starting point of my previous article, where I wrote that viruses are made of human beings’ bad thoughts! And, since they are increasing, it is not surprising that there are more and more viruses!

But, there is still something else to know: since the arrival of the Internet and cell phones, a sort of electromagnetic sphere has created around the Earth, especially because of the launch of thousands of satellites in our atmosphere.1

Of course, this sphere had partially been created since the arrival of the “electricity fairy”! But, we really passed a milestone at the end of the 20th century with the Internet and cell phones.

Currently, we are passing another: in recent years 5G trials have multiplied… and 5G is far mor powerful than 4G!

So you can imagine a sort of electromagnetic atmosphere if you will, that surrounds the Earth, and inside which circulate all the electromagnetic waves coming from the Internet, wi-fi and mobile telephony, as well as radars. And, all these frequencies are bad for human beings! It drags them down, towards an infra-human world.

All these frequencies dehumanize us!

Coronavirus attacks the coronal chakra

And now we can get back to our coronavirus, named “corona”, as a reference to the crown chakra (etheric energy center at the top of the head and turned towards the sky): it is the one that enables us to connect us to the Father, to the spiritual world (whatever the names we use), that is to say that safeguards our humanity!

One of the results, and even “goals” of coronavirus is to disconnect us from the Father or spiritual world, so as to make us lose our humanity.

Remember this electromagnetic sphere that surrounds the Earth and in which we live: the only thing that enables us to survive in this dark and immoral sphere is our conscious connection to the Father, or spiritual world, thanks to our crown chakra!

So, if you have watched the video of the German doctor Dietrich Klinghardt, you’ve understood that there is a whole manipulation, or conscious or unconscious conspiracy from certain politicians and scientists to “toast” our pineal gland! And, the pineal gland is the gland that is the physical counterpart of the crown chakra! Both are linked!

That means that by “toasting”, or more exactly, calcifying your pineal gland, they close your crown chakra and thus cut you off from the spiritual world, or world of the Father, and forever lock you up in a dark or evil, or electromagnetic world ((the name doesn’t matter), which is harmful to the human being!

This can explain weird “behaviors” from coronavirus. Since it moves in this electromagnetic atmosphere, it can reach any country from one moment to the next.

Otherwise, how do you explain that from one day to the next, it’s reached and literally invaded the United States?

And why are the countries with 5G trials2 (for the last two years), the main countries that have terribly been infected with coronavirus?… whereas other countries, sometimes  bordering countries, are little or not attacked? (See the world map of the evolution of coronavirus).


  • To sum up: the human beings’ bad thoughts are what make the “fuel”, the basic substance of viruses.
  • The word “virus” is worth 26/8 in Numerology.
  • In negative (as is the case here), the 2 means duality, division, and proliferation; the 6 is the “animal” aspect within the human being, who rejects Love and prefers emotions. The final 8 represents destruction, cellular destructuring (like food that has been in the microwave), death and an anti-Christ force.
  • In the positive meaning, the 2 represents union, complementary forces that gather together, and the 6 symbolizes Love, which is the most powerful force of transformation and healing! At last, the final 8 represents Christ and his transforming aspect that can change everything, and even resurrect everything!
  • Viruses are thus created by the human beings’ bad thoughts with the help of the dark forces that organize them.

But, what triggers such a pandemic?

It is the fact that human beings are in an electromagnetic atmosphere that does not suit them, where they suffocate (it has been shown that electromagnetic energies, especially that of 5G, diminish the correct absorption of oxygen, which we all need to live on this Earth): there results a sort of cellular rebellion, or anarchy within the human being, which kills them.

The first cause of coronavirus is thus the emission of electromagnetic waves, more and more powerful and more and more mortiferous for the human being.3

And so, this is not pure chance that the coronavirus pandemic was triggered after many 5G trials in China (where it started), in the United states and in Europe (expansion for the past two years)!

The human being is not adapted at all to live in this electromagnetic atmosphere. Thousands of scientific studies have shown it these last few years…

Wi-fi is very bad for our health, smartphones and their microwaves are very bad for our health, and 5G is very bad for our health.

So, the coronavirus-related deaths hold up the mirror of a reaction from human bodies that are saying STOP!! They were not created for this kind of atmosphere, which is inhuman, destructive and thus lethal.

And if we do nothing, there will be other “coronaviruses”, and it will get worse and worse…

How to protect yourself from 5G and electromagnetic waves?

Take care of your crown chakra and of your pineal gland, which enable you to keep your humanity!

How? Thanks to the practice of a spiritual path, which enables to experience the conscious connection with the spiritual world.

Thanks to a heroic and spiritual way of life, which keeps, among others, the connection with the spiritual world and keeps your immune system in great shape. (See my article “Diseases and the immune system”).

And precisely, my book that will be released in September 2020, La Forteresse de l’Harmonie (Fortress of Harmony), gives complete instructions, so as to get these results!

There are keys!

Of course, throw your smartphone away, before it throws you away! And close wi-fi permanently.

And, think for yourself!

We are living apocalyptic times: choose your side!


Additional information

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