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What is resilience?

It is the ability to “bounce back” after a trial… or a troubled period like the one mankind has just gone through…

And the best to “bounce back” or live resilience, is drawing lessons from our experiences.

The good news is that the covid-19 pandemic is over: it has been since the end of May-beginning of June (in France). Our great virologist from Marseille, professor Didier Raoult, during an interview a few days ago, confirmed it and he showed that covid-19 had behaved like all the viruses that cause respiratory infections, that is to say according to a “bell-shaped” process. That means that this kind of virus takes off at full throttle and spreads very quickly (imagine a line rising almost vertically), then it reaches its “cruising speed” where its expansion stabilizes for a while, creating a (horizontal) “plateau phase”, then it collapses and disappears very quickly into a new vertical line, but this time falling. Professor Didier Raoult told that the virus disappears all of a sudden without anyone being able to explain it… and this “bell-shaped” process applies to all viruses of this kind. As a consequence, it is impossible for a second wave to appear, since it’s “dead”. And no virus of this category has ever had a second wave: Christ is risen, but NEVER viruses!

So, what about the so-called “experts” that predict, in the mass media, a second wave by the end of the year? They are liars! And, they predict nothing, for there will actually be another pandemic at the end of the year, but it will be that of the new flu virus (there is one every winter!). But, it won’t be covid-19, since it’s « dead » ! Professor Didier Raoult was saying about a hypothetical second wave of this virus that “it’s science fiction!”.

Thus, the current health measures have become obsolete!

Please beware of the mass media’s lies: they were made for propaganda (a word that means “manipulation of public opinion”), to create fear… and also to ensure that new habits of mistrust become deeply entrenched in behaviors, becoming then normal, and thus making it easier for future so-called security measures, for trust will have become an alien value, and opening our heart a terrifying, and even dangerous act!

The 21st century is the period of choice

The choice between the current ancient, ultra-materialistic and hugely selfish world, or the new world to build…

It is not about improving the current world, the matrix or ancient corrupt world, but to create another: and, the current New Renaissance (21st and 22nd centuries) is the period to settle the foundations of this new world. They will be love and brotherhood or the “Philadelphia community” (announced in the Apocalypse of John).

It is not about improving the current world, for materialism alone can in no case create another world.

Too often are we presented so-called solutions brought by some people, but they are not real, for they are precisely based on too materialistic a vision. And in retrospect, we have to acknowledge that these last decades, materialism, combined with selfishness or individualism, has led to the destruction of Nature (50% of the animals during the last thirty years! And 75% of the insects exterminated in the course of the same period!).

Our way of life is destructive.

Our technology (wireless or microwave) kills animals, flora and human beings. We do not have one problem to solve… we have dozens of them! And no materialistic “solution” will solve anything.

What is a materialistic “solution”?

It is a physical or material action that aims at reducing or slowing down a problem by answering the question “How?”.

A recent example: How to prevent coronavirus to kill a lot of people?
Answer: By locking people down!

In truth, locking healthy people down softens them and thereby, weakens their immune system. Moreover, it increases fear, which weakens their immune system even more.

Another recent example: how to prevent people from catching coronavirus?
Answer: By wearing a mask to protect themselves!

In truth, viruses do not enter through the nose and mouth only; but also through the eyes and ears. Moreover, masks impedes breathing (20% less oxygen) and prevents the immune system to do its job (with each exhale, which constitutes a mini purification, the immune system gets rid of carbon dioxide, cellular waste, etc. that remain in the mask and are “swallowed back” during the next inhale! Masked people thus poison themselves, little by little, and get sick!).

What is a spiritual solution?

First of all, you have to know that, given the state of Nature, it is no longer possible to “save” it with means that are solely materialistic, and this, since the end of the twentieth century!

A spiritual solution comes from “up there”.

We have just seen that a materialistic “solution” answers the question “How?”, which represents a question opposing a problem: that means that we are on a same (two-dimensional) line, in a sort of conflict between what is “against” human beings and what is “for” them (review the two above examples).

A spiritual solution answers the question “Why?”. It does not try to get rid of the symptoms of the problem in question. It seeks the cause, the origin of the problem, so as to get rid of it permanently. It rises “above”.

When we can ask the question “Why?”, that of the cause, we understand that every problem has two aspects.

Indeed, we have our straight line, with on one side, the “pros”, and on the other side, the “cons”: so, we have two options. The materialistic point of view leaves us “stuck” on this two-dimensional straight line. We then operate with our intellect, which is dual. It is also this phenomenon of duality that the scientists use: indeed, science declares that if a proposition is proved false, then the one opposed to it is necessarily true. Well, it’s false! And, this explains countless scientific mistakes!

In reality, there are always three possible points of view: as long as we distinguish only two, it means that we haven’t found the solution! The true solution, or third point of view, rises above the two others: it is a three-dimensional vision (thanks to a trinitarian thought1, and no longer dual).

Then what would be the spiritual solution, with the “Why?”?

Example : We have seen that facing coronavirus, we only had had two possibilities: either being locked down, or not. These are answers to the “How? », so they are not real solutions.

Why do we live this pandemic?

Answer: Because we are too materialistic and not connected enough to the spiritual world (world of the Father2).

Actual practice: By regularly meditating, and by connecting to our spiritual Source, we reinforce our immune system3, for not only do we regenerate inwardly, but we also increase our faith (or experience of the divine), which is a colossal force in the face of all outer trials! This solution thus finds itself to be above all the materialistic “false solutions”, for it is a spiritual solution, and it gets rid of the real cause of the problem.

From the moment the solution is found and implemented, we necessarily find inept, and even ridiculous to wear a mask, since our immune system is powerful and radiating. And what is more, as we already have seen, this mask weakens our immune and respiratory systems…!

Let’s be clear: when we remain at the level of the “How?”, often brought by our leaders and the mass media, we remain passive. And the “solutions” are for “everyone” and finally… for no one.

However, when we choose to answer the “Why?”, it requires an inner effort from us: it is the spirit that we are that rises towards the world of the solution (or spiritual world or world of the Father). We must conquer the spiritual solution! And, it is true because it forms a real life experience to us, an inner experience, filled with wisdom and real guidance. To conquer this truth or solution, we’ve had to straightened up our individuality, our spirit, by precisely detaching ourselves from the influences of the mass media and materialistic functioning, so as to refine our essential questioning, and shed light on the problem. The solution that springs to mind is always a source of evolution for our spirit.

By practicing thus, we train to better seize our individuality, develop it, and find solutions that are beyond ourselves… then, Love comes down in our heart… and, we become fraternal by sharing our experience and the perceived solution.

It is a way to prepare the Age of Aquarius, the future civilization of brotherly love…

But, it is also the reason why the dark forces of the selfish world do not want us to develop the “Why?”, because we escape from them.

These forces, enemies of mankind keep us enslaved as long as we stay in the “How?” by submitting out of laziness and cowardice.

We refuse to think for ourselves, and we choose the easy way to follow a fake-savior: Tell us what to do and how and we’ll do wat you want!”. It is the way of self-denial, of giving up our humanity.

However, when we choose the “Why?”, we free ourselves from this slavery, for we reach a solution, a truth on our own!

Such is the current choice!

And as soon as we apply our real solution, we feel worthy, joyful, hopeful and “escorted” by the spiritual world (or angelic, or divine, the name does not matter), and no longer powerless, depending on false authorities, and submitted to problems… Finally, the new world is well and truly “within us”! We are its responsible creators… and it is possible for there are keys!

With year 2020, we truly enter the period of choice: what future do we want?

Nothing will ever be the same… good, let’s move on and create a better world…!

Let’s replace fear by hope and love: let’s go back to real relationships, let’s not be manipulated by “social distancing” anymore, which aims at destroying human relations, and nip the age of Aquarius, or future of mankind, in the bud…

This year, evil has openly shown itself around the world. And, it was sufficiently well organized to bring a majority of human beings to their knees. The same things were said everywhere, in all countries, through mass media.

And people, too weak at the level of their thought (and thus their discernment and quest for the truth dynamics), because they concur way too much with the leaders’ and mass media’s “one-track thinking”, have submitted, ready to deny their humanity to have peace!

It was also appalling to notice that a great majority of the health professionals has also “lain on their back”, refusing to play their role and breaking the Hippocratic oath (“do no harm”). It is unfortunate that we’ll only remember the exemplary courage of a handful of doctors who have preferred to quit rather than breaking the Hippocratic oath: they all should have done it, or an overwhelming majority of them! This period was a huge test for all the health professionals (conventional doctors and those representing alternative medicines).

I have read, from the pen of a “star” of the alternative medicines, that she was complaining because not everyone was wearing a mask! Yuck!

However, I have read that a doctor, disgusted with the behavior of his colleagues, advised to give up conventional chemical medicine and learn to heal by oneself…

Let’s stand up for ourselves!

This is a Call for inner revolution!

No need for us to fight physically against the “enemies of mankind” who have revealed themselves in the course of this spring… We must fight our inner “beast” of cowardice, laziness, easiness, selfishness and lies, in sum, of all our weaknesses that are a “godsend” to feed the “enemies of mankind”.

Only spiritual evolution can “protect” us in the face of what awaits mankind!

Letting go of spirituality would come down to “sell” ourselves to the matrix and lose our humanity…

On the other hand, implementing a spiritual path into our practical life, is the only means to resist the evil that has just risen its face uncovered.

Fear (and the mistrust coming out of it) is their main weapon. Everyone has seen it!

Lying is their complementary weapon to mislead people. And, division (and isolation) is their essential weapon to destroy human relationships.

So, let’s let go of mass media…4

Let’s take back up the reins of our existence

As worthy and valiant spirits, conquerors of a future that resembles and gathers us… including the alliance with the spirit world, which is the essential and inspiring source of our values and most elevated potentials!

There is nothing more simple than replacing fear by love and trust.

Nothing more simple than giving up on lies in aid of the Truth. Nothing more simple than giving up division (social distancing) to unite and move forward together (solidarity) towards a new world.

It is our current challenge: will we rise to it?

In order to succeed, we must find strength deep within us. We must prune, relent, purify ourselves, go through forgiveness and redeem from our mistakes and our falls.

Nobody’s perfect… but we can all improve and turn into into stronger, more radiating beings, more “love” beings!

We are at the right time at the right place: let’s redeem from the Fall, and let’s become “new humans”, or human beings from the New Renaissance5

We are living the time of capital choice: what side will we choose?

That of total submission at the risk of losing our humanity and becoming the slaves of the matrix?

Or that of freedom and love, thanks to our hope for a glorious future?

We, human beings are great, beautiful and strong… we cannot become these “poor little things” that we currently see, terrorized and masked, only if we let ourselves go to the mermaids of darkness, ignorance and naivety…

Let’s redeem ourselves and create a new rainbow to connect ourselves with the spiritual world and our future…!

It is time that Love comes down on this Earth… and bring a new future full of hope… if we wish it so…

It is time that we chose to love one another…


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