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Corona-thingy : what if we thought differently 3.0

In order to defeat your enemy, you have to know your enemy!

We are being thrown fear1 again and again: “Watch out may 11th is coming soon! Will you be ready? It’s not sure if you don’t get right on it!… Because, when you go out after lockdown, you won’t know what to do or how, and coronavirus will jump on you… for it will still be there for months!!! For the moment, you are home and well protected, so take the opportunity to prepare!!!

So what, they’ve managed to make us believe that we are protected as long as we’re home, “thanks” to lockdown?! And, has everyone put a sign on their door saying “no coronavirus allowed”, because otherwise we’re all done!!

Attention, attention: when we go out, we face “the bad guys”, that is to say all the people we see as “enemies”, for they could “pass on” the virus!

Do you find this normal? Don’t you feel like we’re being “pushed” to be wary of everyone, fear, and even terror-mongering?

Don’t you feel like this is a “great” way to destroy human relationships and reduce them to telecommunication (the Internet, smartphones, text messages, etc.)?

Don’t you find us ridiculous with this mask, these gloves and this obsession to wash our hands every fifteen minutes, as we were “being told”?

Do you think coronavirus is stupid enough to ignore us because we are wearing a mask or gloves?! Or do you actually believe that if we stay home, we’ll be safe, whereas if we go out coronavirus will jump on us?

How is it possible to believe such nonsense?!


And above all, we absolutely must take all our food supplements (vitamins C, D3 + zinc, selenium etc.) to strengthen our immune system!

According to the “health professionals”, the majority of people have a vitamin D deficiency! So, they tell us to take it every day, otherwise our immune system will weaken!

But, what causes this vitamin deficiency? No one seems to know it! Or at least, those who know it are very tentative to make it known to all!

You have to know that vitamin D is the ultimate solar vitamin!

And, what does the Sun represent? It is the most perfect image of God (or of the Father or otherwise of the spiritual world). So, a vitamin D deficiency is in truth the obvious sign that we’re cut off from the spiritual world, or of the Father, or from the divine principle!

If we do not solve this problem, of being cut off from the divine world within us, then it will be useless to take a vitamin D supplement! It won’t bind to us, and we will still be deficient in vitamin D, even if we take 2000 IU, as the health specialists advise us to do.

Likewise for all vitamins or trace elements: a deficiency in either of them underlines a deficiency at the level of our thoughts and our behaviors, or bad thoughts – like the rejection of the spiritual world or of the Father – that contribute to generate coronavirus, for instance.

Indeed, it is good to remember here that human beings themselves generate viruses, because of these moral deficiencies! So they are not their victims, but their cause, in sum they are responsible for them.2

It is only if we cultivate good thinking within us, and a good behavior that goes with it, that we’ll be able to ingest in a good way such or such vitamin or trace element. That is how the human being works…

And, it is not by projecting the “savior” on such or such health professional, or such miracle-vitamin, that it will make us move forward! We must take ourselves in hand, become responsible for our life and our thoughts and behaviors: that way we will develop a powerful immune system.

Why do we function like this? Why do we let ourselves be manipulated so easily?

Simply because we do not want to think for ourselves, and that we hand our decision-making power over to people we judge more qualified than us to lead our life instead of us!

Well, this unfortunate behavior – an inept behavior, if we get some distance – is precisely the one that weakens the immune system! Not thinking for ourselves, staying in fear (instilled by those we take for our “saviors”!), living like “wimps”, etc.

Let’s ask ourselves: “who has the most to gain from the crime?”… Well yes! Chemical drugs sellers and useless, dangerous vaccines makers!!3 And, of course, telecommunication technology that “kills” a little more true, face-to-face communication!4

If our immune system is weak, no vitamin will boost it! Either, we have a good immune system, and then we risk nothing at all… and lockdown or no lockdown changes nothing for us.

Or, we have a bad immune system, and then we are at peril, and we must strengthen it presto. However, no vitamin will boost it for us: but ourselves! And more precisely, the spirit within us, conscious, connected to the spiritual world, responsible, independent, who can galvanize it and make it stronger!

To sum up, food complements5 give us a little help, if and only if we take ourselves in hand and stop playing “being a child” who always needs someone to “save” them!

Our materialistic vision makes us ignorant, naïve and easily manipulated…

This coronavirus story, the first worldly trial in the age of the Internet and smartphones, does reveal the leaders’ incompetence, and the ignorance of the “health professionals”, whose analyses are almost all (apart from rare exceptions that you can discover on this website, or elsewhere) extremely materialistic – that is to say, thought “in reverse” – and always in a state of mind that conveys fear, death and destruction.

But, no truth EVER conveys fear or destruction, but rather love and hope!

In summary

Let’s let go of the mass media with their lies and all their announcements aiming at conveying fear, as well as all the leaders and “health pros” who do the same!

Coronavirus (or whatever other viruses that we’ll subsequently be “sold”) is not dangerous for us, if we have a good immune system.

What is way more dangerous, is fear, and even terror, division among human beings (who can no longer live real communications-meetings), the mass media’s constant manipulation, and finally the human “bullshit” that makes us cringe out of naivety and ignorance, buttering up to the “Beast” in order to be “saved”!

Let’s work inwardly on our fear of death, which comes from a materialistic state of mind! The only essential thing that we have to achieve is to remember who we are (or to discover it actively), what are our ideals and goals in our destiny, and what we’d like to act in Good, on our own or with others, after the end of that whole “mess”.

Let’s think for ourselves, radiating the unique beings that we are!

Let’s be heroic! Let’s live transcendences and self-surpassing! Let’s push out of our comfort zone! Let’s individualize! Let’s wake up!

Every human being is a creator able to embody love and to share it. So, let’s open our heart and let’s give to those we meet, even if, and especially if we see them frozen in fear. Nothing and no one must prevent us from showing solidarity and openness to others!

Don’t you find it funny that by dint of “wearing masks” to please others, we find ourselves wearing a physical mask?!

So, let’s let go of “both” masks and be who we really are!

The so-called anti-virus mask that we are made to wear is a real admission of weakness! Wearing it weakens our immune system, since it leads to our fear and our passivity in the face of coronavirus.

Let’s stand up for ourselves!

What our immune system needs to be in “top” form, is a sincere and open behavior to others, solidarity, inclusion, love and interest towards others, and not division and mistrust!

Ultimately, a huge test is proposed to human beings: are they going to make the choice to reinforce as spirits (which will consequently strengthen their immune system), or will they make the choice of stooping to the illusion of their “saviors”, and to their fears, and become weaker and weaker and more easily manipulated? From this choice, two “worlds” will emerge!


Details to remember

  1. Fear reduces the immune system’s power by one third! ↩︎
  2. See our previous articles “Coronavirus-thingy”, and “2.0”. ↩︎
  3. Coronavirus mutates very quickly, so it is impossible to create a vaccine (if you still believe in vaccines!); it mutates even faster than flu viruses, for which all vaccines have proved inefficient! And, note that last year, in France alone, about 3 million medical examinations have been made for people having caught the flu! It is far beyond the coronavirus’s “score”! So, why having made it a “star”? ↩︎
  4. Let’s take the opportunity of lockdown to inquire with sources “not compromised”, about the harmful effects of smartphone (and wi-fi and video games), in a word, of electromagnetic waves: already more than ten thousand most serious studies, coming from independent scientists, denounce their dangers! Let’s refuse to die wondering! You have many choices to get information from, for instance from Fabien Moine or the book by Arthur Firstenberg: The Invisible Rainbow. A History of Electricity and Life. ↩︎
  5. Last news on Artemisia annua: do not forget this little plant that has made miracles, which I will declare a “winner” in a confrontation with coronavirus!
    The Chinese traditionalist doctors give in every hospital the Artemisia annua plant to cure those ill from coronavirus! The Germans have decided to start researches to validate Artemisia annua to recover from coronavirus. La Maison de l’Artemisia (House of Artemisia) campaigns to initiate a clinical trial.
    And in Madagascar president Andry Rajoelina has had Artemisia annua + others plants drinks made, as a support to recover from coronavirus!
    Young French researchers commit to a research to prove the efficiency of the Artemisia annua plant to recover from coronavirus, by Gabriel Cobris from Directe Santé (Direct Health). ↩︎

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