Coronavirus bactérie et symbole chakra coronal

Coronavirus-thingy: what if we thought differently?

The terror and panic that have recently seized French people since the invasion of coronavirus, as well as the fact that the leaders, scientists and health professionals are almost all powerless, must zero in on the” little” French man’s insecurities, who needs it so badly that his “daddy” takes care of him!

The main problem in this story is that the scientists and health professionals do not know the functioning of the human being1. Moreover, they are ignorant of the mysteries of the invisible worlds. And, without these two types of knowledge, it is impossible to get perspective or some kind of truth.

Moreover, an intentional vagueness mingles with this story of coronavirus, since this virus seems to have been, to say the least, “boosted” in a laboratory, so as to become more resistant and more virulent. (See also the link between oxygen, coronavirus and 5G).

What is a virus?

In order to defeat your enemy, you have to know your enemy!

Viruses are caused by the human beings’ bad thoughts.

The thoughts emitted by each human being are “scattered” in the astro-mental atmosphere surrounding us. And, it is not because they are invisible, that they do not exist! It’s ok to be materialistic, but with a pandemic like that of covid-19, we are paying it a terrible price!

It might be time to move on to the higher level of knowledge!

What happens when there are many negative or bad thoughts?

They are gathered by “affinity” by evil beings, the “enemies” of the human race. They gather them to make viruses out of them. By studying how viruses work, their behaviors and the consequences they generate in human beings, it is possible to determine what they are made of (what thoughts).

A simple example with coronavirus: its name is reminiscent of “coronal”, that is to say the crown chakra just above the head, which enables our connection to the spiritual world, the Father’s kingdom. Thus, we know that one of the bad thoughts that created covid-19 is the rejection of the Father or the spiritual world, for different reasons.

For example, materialism and/or atheism may correspond to it. But also the projection of the expectation of the savior, that is to say of a fake father who will take charge of us.

No need to spell out who represents this Savior in France, to figure it out! You’ve seen him on TV, haven’t you?!

So, in order to understand a virus and vanquish it, we must first determine what it is made of (what bad thoughts), as seen above.

Then, we have to turn each of these negative thoughts around and make them healing thoughts.

Finally, all we need to do is meditate on these good thoughts, projecting them into the world thanks to an adapted meditation.

Of course, the ideal is that everyone follows their procedure in meditation with a virtuous state of mind and a right and deep conviction.

For the example given above: we should “get rid of” our expectation of the Savior and connect with the spiritual world, the real Father, and emit a healing thought, like: My real Father is the spiritual world”, or “I belong to the spiritual world who is my real Father”. You then build different strengths-sentences of Good that will weaken coronavirus… and also change your vision of life!

Obviously, for greater impact, and given the current events, this kind of meditative work should be practiced every day. And of course, joining forces to act this turning evil into good will obviously be more powerful, and bring hope to all!

PLante Artemisia annua ou Armoise anuelle

Artemisia annua

We also wish to share an inspiration that we’ve recently had with you:

We have already had the opportunity to explain, during a private conference, the importance of a plant: artemisia annua. This plant, known for centuries, cures malaria, a parasitosis that kills about 450,000 people in the world, each year. I am not sure that coronavirus makes so much damage!

Artemisia annua, a plant created by Goddess Artemis, is exceptional, not only because it can cure malaria, but, as some researchers have discovered, it also cures lung cancer (combined with iron = an immune system booster!).

Thinking about that, I had this inspiration: why, if this plant cures lung cancer, why wouldn’t it heal from coronavirus, which also attacks the lungs (pneumonia)?!

Actually, for the interested readers, the lungs, when they are attacked, symbolically represent refusing to commit, as well as shunning relationships: so they are also very important ingredients, or bad thoughts, of covid-19!

Although I’m neither a doctor, a healer nor a health professional, I suggest to anyone who’d like it, to achieve tests with artemisia annua, combined with iron, so as to check if it can prove itself useful in our fight against covid-19?!

One last clue: watching a video of Professor Didier Raoult, one of the greatest virologists in the world, he said he had found a product with good results against covid-19: chloroquine. And actually, it was also used against malaria!

But this product is really hard to administer, for it is very toxic.

So, Professor Raoult, why not testing my little plant, artemisia annua, which has no toxicity, and which already works in the same register, that of curing malaria?!

This plant that cures this terrifying disease, as well as lung cancer, and even Lyme disease… wouldn’t it also cure coronavirus?

The ball is in the court of professionals! Do not hesitate to make this option known to those who can test artemisia annua (combined with iron)…

The author of these lines does not seek any personal glory, so it doesn’t matter that you mention his name or not. What’s important is the healing of the human being… And this article provides leads for those who would like to tackle it with data other than those they already know.




  1. Refer to the extract from our book that will be released in September Forteresse de l’Harmonie (Fortress of Harmony) in which is explained, among others, how the immune system works and how we can boost it (a knowledge that health “professionals” are in principle ignorant of!). ↩︎

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