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Diseases and the immune system

Fleur de Vie rivière

The more we go back to the past, to the ancient civilizations, and the less we find diseases: people died from accidents, murders, war, of old age (they lived up to a hundred or even a hundred and twenty years…


montagne et prière

Table of contents What is resilience? The 21st century is the period of choice What is a materialistic “solution”? What is a spiritual solution? Then what would be the spiritual solution, with the “Why?”? With year 2020, we truly enter…

Masks off!

Vendetta masque

Corona-thingy has made masks fashionable! Everyone has their own masks, colored or not, “official” or original, and thus preventing themselves from breathing correctly! Let’s take a closer look… no no, don’t flee! Oh that’s right, there’s also this sort of…