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Diseases and the immune system

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The more we go back to the past, to the ancient civilizations, and the less we find diseases: people died from accidents, murders, war, of old age (they lived up to a hundred or even a hundred and twenty years old!), but hardly ever from diseases. It is mainly from ancient Greece that diseases started to appear, and it is one of the reasons why we consider Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) as the “father of medicine”. It is at that time that a medicine, especially a plant medicine, settled in our civilization.

And if we look at our current civilization, we realize that the number of diseases has significantly increased, especially autoimmune diseases.

Why do so many diseases affect the immune system? You have to know that, according to the functioning of the human being, the immune system is directly linked to the individual’s spirit or “I”. So, when the immune system weakens, it means that the “I” or human spirit has weakened.

If we wish to have a strong immune system, then it essential to have a strong “I”. But, what does it mean?

How to have a strong “I” or spirit

The human spirit expresses itself first thanks to the thought, for the “I” lives in the mental body, the body of thought. So, reinforcing our spirit consists in thinking for ourselves, making hard decisions, making our own choices, developing our discernment and judgment, using our free will, especially when no choice seems possible.

It also requires for us to radiate our creativity in as many areas of life as possible. Finding solutions to all the challenges and trials that we face also reinforces our immune system, as well as self-challenging, so as to outdo and transcend ourselves. Reading excellent spiritual works, listening to beautiful, elevating music or walking in Nature, connecting to its life are also effective means.

So, the more able we are to – regularly – push out of our comfort zone to confront new experiences, showing courage, the more it enables us to reinforce internally, and consequently, support our immune system.

However, adhering to “uniform thinking”, never “doing our head in”, asking everyone to help us make decisions, playing “chicken” so that we may get “saved”, considerably weakens us and places us in the danger zone, weakening our immune system.

So, the proliferation of autoimmune diseases in the last decades shows the collapse of the human free will, refusing to stand on our own, rejecting creativity, seeking to be taken charge of, and giving in to the easy way out. There results this manipulative civilization based on the new technologies that could “seduce” human beings and turn them into telecommunication tools “addicts” (smartphone, tablet computer, video game console, so-called social networks, etc.), which kill real communication and real human relationships, locking people up into a sort of pathetic autism that leaves them clinging to their smartphone like madmen!

In short, Alzheimer’s disease is the answer to this manipulative technological civilization that ruins the young and less young people’s mental health.

Let’s reveal ourselves, let’s think dynamically, let’s be creative, and our spirit will be strong,as well as our immune system!

Note that health or diseases are a question of vibration level, that the Bovis scale can easily show us.

Dial by Bovis

If we have good living conditions, like those indicated above, then our vibration level will be clearly above the diseases zone. If, moreover, we practice a spiritual path, with all the efforts it requires to our spirit, our vibration level will rise even a few more degrees.

However, if we content ourselves with following the herd, swallowing the popular soup of mass media, without thinking for ourselves, but rather letting our smartphone think us (as well as the other technological tools), then let’s not be surprised if we fall sick (interesting expression, don’t you think? Diseases are a fall!), for our vibration level will be pathetic!


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