Vendetta masque

Masks off!

Corona-thingy has made masks fashionable!

Everyone has their own masks, colored or not, “official” or original, and thus preventing themselves from breathing correctly!

Let’s take a closer look… no no, don’t flee! Oh that’s right, there’s also this sort of new “dance” imposed by the matrix, called “social distancing”…

We are really living in a crazy world, where the leaders play “who will have killed the most”: “How many in your country? I’m up to 32,000 my pet, so burn!”, and where Mr. and Mrs. Everyone on their part, play “the stupider the better”!

So, just so we are on the same wavelength: you have all understood that wearing a mask and gloves, as well as social distancing – which between us, we call: “get lost, you stink!” – and which you’ve “been” recommended, aim at destroying human relationships, haven’t you?! Phew, you scared me a little…!

Concerning masks, let’s see what Arthur Firstenberg, who fights against 5G deployment, says:

“The idea that we can protect ourselves from spreading viruses by wearing masks and staying a certain distance from one another is about as realistic as thinking that putting a mask on a fish would protect it from humidity… Masks, disinfectants, social distancing, and staying home accomplish nothing. As more than one doctor has observed, it is rational to quarantine sick people, but irrational to quarantine healthy people.”

In our forthcoming book La Forteresse de l’Harmonie (The Fortress of Harmony), this is what we explain concerning breathing:

“[…] The respiratory system is in analogy with the relational field, communication. When we breathe in a place where there are several people, we inhale a part of their own breath, charged with their emotions, feelings and thoughts. Which is why we may feel good or bad, having the impression of capturing the atmosphere of a place. The more sensitive we are and the more we will be able to “capture” the atmosphere of a place. We can already establish a link between the quality of our breathing and that of our relationships. If our breathing is calm, slow and deep, it will enable us to live beautiful relationships. However, if it is chaotic and too fast, we will be unable to experience beautiful relationships. They will be in the image of our breathing: chaotic!”

This shows that the quality of our relationships depends on the quality of our breathing.

Moreover, at each breathing cycle we inhale fresh oxygen to renew the energy of our cells, and we exhale the waste that they reject.

Hm… but with a mask covering the mouth and the nose, what happens?

Masks weaken our respiratory capacity: it is harder to inhale (more or less according to the thickness of the mask), and it is even more delicate to exhale.

So, by breathing in, we’ll let an air of a lesser quality enter us, which may not be enough for our cells to regenerate enough… and, by breathing out, all the cellular waste, as well as our negative thoughts and emotions, will remain in the mask!

At each inhalation, our mask will fill with the waste coming from our cells and our emotions and negative thoughts, polluting it. And when we exhale, we will “swallow back” all that waste, in addition to an air of insufficient quality! Yuk!

In a few breathing cycles, we are going to asphyxiate and poison ourselves!

Of course, it will happen more or less slowly, according to how fast we breathe… But, with fear, it will not improve our situation!

Anyway, frequently using a mask will greatly perturb our respiratory system, weaken our immune system, and the whole functioning of our body!

And who wins in this story?
Coronavirus, of course!

Because wearing a mask weakens our respiratory system… and coronavirus first goes after people whose respiratory system is weakened!

There we are: you’ve got it! Masks are excellent means to attract coronavirus and “catch“ it! And it’s not even a joke!

In the end, what is the “hidden” aim of these people who have advised you to wear a mask?

Yes of course, it’s first about destroying human relationships… – already much damaged because of cell phones, the Internet and social networks – and preventing thus the development of love (the basis of the next civilization!), but it’s also about making the human being as vulnerable as possible to coronavirus!

So, everyone knows what they have to do from now on, don’t they?

And, spread the word to the great naïve for whom it went over their head! Thank you for them…

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Practical advice

We have already mentioned the reading of the future book La Forteresse de l’Harmonie (The Fortress of Harmony).

We also add the CD-book La Forteresse des Saisons (The Fortress of Seasons): You will find among others, a guided meditation with a Raphaël breathing exercise! (to be practiced without a mask!)

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